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It's Jenna Pye! Most notoriously known for her pink hair and stellar posing but now sporting a brunette look; is excited to offer her permanent makeup skills, fitness training, and access to all her favorite finds that you see on social media or her blogs!

Jenna took a little break from modeling to finish her permanent makeup training and gather the skills to create a flawless face! We all know she has a passion for beauty and now she is skilled to "enhance" our beauty! Jenna has received top of the line training from Microblading LA in Los Angeles California and is a licensed aestheticism. Appointments are now being made in Las Vegas for August! Contact her today to schedule your consultation!

Health and fitness is a very important factor. It is believed to go hand in hand. Good food can equal good health and having a good trainer can equal even better healthy living. Jenna loves a healthy body. She also loves inspiring a healthy lifestyle and giving people the tools to succeed in their journey, Everything from food-fitness-health; Jenna's got you covered. Send her a message to discuss your health and fitness goals and how she can help you reach them!

Jp also loves to shop and share her finds! Now she has an entire page dedicated to all her sponsors, affiliates, and budget finds! You will be able to access everything from this site without having to search the web. You will be able to access and purchase directly from here!

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